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Keyloggers are designed to do one thing, steal every keystroke typed onto a keyboard. Keyloggers are a malicious breed of malware, often invisible to users, keylogging malware steals vital personal and corporate information (i.e. VPN login credentials, instant messages, e-mails, data from desktop applications i.e. MS Office/Outlook, accounting & tax
programs, online banking credentials and transaction data).

Nearly every one of the top 12 anti-virus products, could only detect less than 4% of keylogging malware.

GuardedID Anti-Keylogging Keystroke Encryption:
GuardedID fills an important gap in protecting the keyboard, unlike antivirus and anti-malware, GuardedID is the only proactive solution which provides critical security functionality necessary for protecting your data.

GuardedID proactively encrypts each and every keystroke typed on a
keyboard, GuardedID than transports those encrypted keystrokes via it’s own Out-of-Band channel, bypassing the data-stack where keyloggers hide


Patented techonology for keysttroke encryption makingh it affordable for small businesses to protect their business information, employee and client information.

Anti-virus tools are based on the premise of scanning computer files for suspicious signatures. The definition databases these products depend on contain signatures of known bad files. The problem with this concept is that they need to be continuously updated. The major caveat with this is that hackers are currently deploying sophisticated software which dynamically changes the file signature, therefore, rendering the update process extremely ineffective against newly released keyloggers.


Website @GuardedID

Nominated by Michael Becce


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