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Cynthia Nevels

Nominated for the 2012 Small Business Influencer Awards in:

Cynthia Nevels is the Managing Director of a small business consulting firm, Her firm serves small business clients across Dallas, Houston, Austin, Fort Worth and San Antonio. Cynthia believes innovative ideas will flounder without the help of an experienced expert who can turn dreams into reality. Cynthia has helped hundreds of small businesses navigate their businesses to success from finding capital to spur growth, to creating technical infrastructure to manage data, and creating memorable award winning brands. Cynthia is a single-mother of three children, one of which, is a Cystic Fibrosis double organ transplant survivor. For two years she worked with her clients from the hospital bedside and is known as "the mom who gets it all done" throughout the halls of corporations, government agencies and nonprofits across the state of Texas. Cynthia knew how to take care of her small business clients because she understood how important they are to the community.


In 2012, Cynthia Nevels designed a mobile application for organ transplant patients to monitor their vitals and instantly transport the data securely to their doctors for daily monitoring. This contribution (demo phase) has helped save time, money and lives of critically ill patients and aided in minimizing waste and improving doctor - to - patient communication. Cynthia also helped a small business whose founders were considering closing the business due to legal challenges, failed branding and decreased revenue. Cynthia worked with the group for two years step-by-step to navigate them through a re-branding process, re-organization, and secured additional funding to help the small business remain in business and employees to keep their jobs. Cynthia partnered with one of the largest community colleges to orchestrate the very first minority business procurement conference for small businesses. Cynthia secured partners from Walmart and Capital One and helped over 200 small businesses.


Website @cynthianevelshttp://p://

Nominated by Donnell Parker


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