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Eric Bollman

Nominated for the 2012 Small Business Influencer Awards in:

Eric Bollman is the co-founder of Perkville. He is a product designer & entrepreneur with over 10 years experience that he puts into use daily to help grown businesses with an easy to use rewards and loyalty program--Perkville.

Eric's simple and elegant design is the cornerstone of what makes Perkville appealing to both business owners and their clients. He single-handily defined the format and feel of Perkville pages, making Perkville visually appealing and easy to follow for users of all levels of experience.

However, what makes Eric an effective leader is that he leads by listening to the team and mentor others to grow and learn continuously. He takes the time to walk through new product features at every single release so that members are always able to understand the features through experiencing them.

Eric's work has allowed us to reach over thousands of Perkville users and hundreds of businesses everyday.


Eric's strategic features such as the 'referral' feature has helped businesses such as Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse generate over 1,000 transactions. He also helped launch the win back promotion that targets members who have not been back into the studio or business. Eric designed templates for advertisement posters and emails that businesses simply upload their logos onto to help spread the word once they've setup their rewards program.

Eric posses the rare gift of being extremely poised and eloquent in addition to being our technical expert. He is able to communicate the value of every feature and product release to our customers. Eric has helped over 200 yoga studios win back customers and jump start their rewards program. He even set-up a one time deal that merchants can send out at any time to help give businesses a boost. He is in tune to the market as a leader, but listens to the needs of everyone.



Nominated by Sophia Wong


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