Nominate for 2015

The six main Influencer categories are as follows:
  • News Outlets (media companies)
  • Corporations (providers of products and services to the small business market)
  • Media (individual journalists, reporters, broadcasters, bloggers)
  • Leaders (executives or other key employees that are part of corporations serving the small business market)
  • Experts (mavens, authors, speakers, consultants)
  • Apps (software, mobile apps, tablet apps)

In addition there are two special categories:
  • Small Business Marketing Campagn of the Year
  • Small Busines Growth Story of the Year

Check out our guide on how to write your Small Business Influencer nomination.

If your Influencer nominee fits this criteria, you are ready to go to the next step:

Your submission will go into management where it will be reviewed (and possibly edited). Although we believe that the vast majority of nominations submitted will be appropriate and will be posted for voting, please note some of the nominations may go into a category which is different from the category originally submitted. Submissions will be reviewed to see if they meet eligibility requirements before being posted.

If you'd like to collect the information in advance before completing the online nomination, please download the nomination spreadsheet (.xlsx).

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