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What Categories Will You Nominate?

August 6, 2013 --

As you can see from the menu above, we’ve got six categories you can nominate in this year:

  • News outlets
  • Journalists
  • Leaders
  • Corporations
  • Experts
  • Apps

We encourage you to nominate for multiple categories! Just think about the publications you read, the writer you follow, and the apps and companies you use to grow your business.

Leader vs. Expert

We get asked a lot: "what's the difference between a leader and an expert?"

Here's how you can tell the difference when you're nominating:

  • Leaders are executives, academics, government officials, or key employees who are part of companies or other organizations serving the small business market. Think employees, rather than small business owners.
  • Experts are small business owners. They're mavens, authors, speakers, consultants, advocates, and professionals such as lawyers or CPAs.

It's important to categorize each nominee correctly, to avoid duplicate entries, so please take a moment to consider this before proceeding with your nomination.

Other Tips for Nominating Before you spend the time on your nomination, please use the search bar or the alphabetical list of all nominees to ensure your candidate hasn’t already been nominated.

Because we review each nomination manually, your nominee won't appear on the site immediately. You — as well as your nominee — will receive an email notifying you that your nomination has been published.

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