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Over 980 #SMBInfluencer Nominees: Vote Through August 5, 2012!

July 19, 2012 -- It's time to vote! A two-and-a-half month nomination period netted 985 approved nominations for the 2012 Small Business Influencer Awards. That's nearly double the number from 2011. Congratulations to all nominated.

And now it's time for YOU to vote and show your support. Voting remains open through August 5, 2012, at 11:59 pm Los Angeles time. Just a few reminders for everyone:

For Supporters

- Vote daily. Yes, you are allowed to vote once each day, i.e., once every 24 hours. You can vote for as many different nominees as you like. Only one vote will be registered per IP address per day, per nominee.

- "But it says I already voted, and I didn't!" If the yellow button says "voted" and you're absolutely certain you've allowed a full 24 hours to go by, then check to see if someone else in your office or home also voted for that particular nominee. If so, it probably means that everyone there has the same IP address (the IP address your Internet service provider assigned to your router). Try voting from a different place having a different Internet connection. Or vote from a mobile phone. For more on this topic, see How We Count Votes.

- Comment. Feel free to tell the judges why you support the nominee. To do this, leave a comment at the bottom of the nominee's nomination page (you must be logged in to Facebook to leave a comment). But remember to hit the yellow "VOTE" button even if you leave a comment. Comments do not count as actual votes -- only votes registered through the yellow "VOTE" button will count for the official vote. (The purpose of the comments is to give the Judges additional information to take into account when they vote.)

- Share. Spread the word about your favorite nominee(s) by sharing with your social networks. Tweet. Give a Google +1. Facebook-Like the nomination page. Share on LinkedIn or anywhere else.

For Nominees

- It's OK to ask for votes. Congratulations on being nominated! Feel free to tell your friends, clients/customers, family, social media followers and the world that you've been nominated. Encourage them to vote for you. It's perfectly acceptable to ask for votes from anyone, anywhere. In fact, use our Press Release Generator for a free press release template you can customize. Or grab a Nominated badge for your website, blog or newsletter.

- It is NOT OK to buy votes. Reminder: it it NOT acceptable to buy votes. It is NOT acceptable to offer to pay money for votes. Please don't be tempted to cross the line. We have monitoring tools to spot unnatural voting patterns, and we will either disqualify votes or completely disqualify entries, in our sole discretion. Just say "no" to temptation!

- Charitable contributions are fine. It is acceptable to offer to contribute to charity in order to encourage people to vote. Why? Because we consider that a form of encouragement, not a direct financial transaction. (Besides, in past competitions, we've learned that offering to make a charitable contribution doesn't guarantee that the nominee will get a lot of votes.)

- Remember the Judges. For the Top 100 Champions the community voting counts for 40%. The Judges will later weigh in and the Judges' votes will count for 60%. Last year, the Top 100 were not necessarily those with the highest community vote counts.

- New Community Choice Awards. New for 2012 is a completely separate category of award, called the Community Choice Awards, based 100% on the community voting.

See the official rules for more details.

Edited to correct final nomination tally. Anita

All the Best,

Anita Campbell

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