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Time to Nominate is Drawing to a Close

August 27, 2014

Friday is the last day you can nominate for the 2014 Small Business Influencer Awards! If you haven’t yet nominated all the leaders, experts, journalists, brands, and applications that you think deserve honor do it now!

Nominations will be accepted until 3 pm Eastern on Friday. At that point, we’ll shut the doors on nominations. After that, voting begins and will last until September 15, 2014. You can vote once per nominee.

Ideas for Last-Minute Nominations

Maybe you can’t think of who to nominate. You’d be surprised where you can find people and companies:

  • The journalists or bloggers you read small business content from
  • The authors of your favorite business books
  • Your Twitter stream (or G+, LinkedIn, whatever!)
  • Your CRM
  • Your clients
  • The software and apps you use
  • The brands that provide you with small business resources

I challenge you to nominate more Influencers before Friday! Get started here.

-Susan Payton

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