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520 Is the Final Nominee Count

We're delighted to announce that the final nominee count came in at 520 nominations.

We did a final once-over for any duplicates. Despite our best efforts to check everything during the nomination period, a couple of duplicates had managed to get through until we did our final review of them.

Also, we removed any nominations that did not meet the eligibility criteria. For example, we received several nominations of people and companies from outside of North America, and so we had to disqualify any of those, too.

This is our first year with the Small Business Influencer awards. Initially we were unsure how many nominations to expect. But soon after the nominations opened and we began to see the daily rate of inflow of nominations from the community, we set a goal internally. We challenged ourselves internally to see if we could get to 500 nominations, through making the community aware via social media and blogs about the awards.

So we are doubly pleased with this year's group of nominees -- because of the quality of the nominees and also because over 500 were nominated.

Congratulations to all who were nominated. It's an honor to be included as an influencer finalist in the North American small business market. We look forward to the voting and judging phases.

Remember to follow the action on Twitter at: @SMBinfluencer

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