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What's New for 2012

May 30, 2012 --

This year, for 2012, we've made some changes to the Small Business Influencer Awards that we hope you will find valuable. Changes include:

- A 6th category - for apps - was added. We added this category because a particular software or mobile app may be much beloved by entrepreneurs and small biz people, while the company behind it may serve many different markets and different sized businesses. By designating the app, people can get specific when nominating their favorites. It's also a nod to the fact that software and mobile apps are so important today to small businesses. Simply put, we couldn't run our businesses without apps!

- More information is being collected on the nomination entries. This includes a section to indicate contributions to the small business market, and any memberships the nominees hold. In this way, nominations can be better judged on merit.

- The nomination period is longer, while the voting period is a bit shorter. Last year, a number of companies and people came to us after the nominations were closed, but sadly we were not able to include them. On the other hand, nominees said that the voting period last year of about one month was simply too long -- so we shaved off a week from the community voting period for 2012.

- Those who nominate others can get recognition. This year, on some nominations, you may see the name of the person who submitted the nomination. That's optional; but last year a number of nominees asked "who nominated me?" and we didn't have answers. This year we will have more answers. We will not release this information unless the nominator gives us permission, in which case it will appear on the nomination page (no need to ask us).

- "Community Choice" Awards added. In addition to the Top 100 Influencer Champions, there will be Community Choice Awards given to the top 5 popular-vote getters in each of the six categories. The Community Choice Awards are a special recognition based 100% on the number of popular votes, and are separate and distinct from the Top 100 Champions. The list of Community Choice winners will be available immediately on August 6, 2012.

- Facebook commenting system to be added. We will be adding Facebook Comments to each nomination page, so that supporters can in their own words, tell the Judges why the nominee should be named a Champion.

For more information, read the official rules.

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All the Best,

Anita Campbell

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