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Update on Known Issue Re Voting Buttons

August 5, 2012 --

This is an update to our message this morning on the @SMBinfluencer Twitter account about a known issue involving the voting buttons.

Overnight, due to an issue with the javascript used for the voting buttons, the vote counts were not being updated live on the site. Votes were, in fact, being registered in the system. The only issue is that the vote totals were not changing on the front end for people to see, for a period of several hours. All voting buttons were impacted in the same way -- meaning, no one got an unfair advantage during those hours.

This morning, the voting button issue was fixed as soon as our tech team was alerted, and new vote counts immediately started updating. Later in the day, public vote counts were adjusted to restore all "missing" votes made during the time in question.

The issue occurred in the middle of the night between Saturday and Sunday, and voting generally was light due to the day and time. Roughly one thousand votes across the nominee pool were impacted and later restored.

We are sorry if this caused anyone concern or inconvenience. Let me personally assure you once again that all votes registered were restored to the official counts. Thanks to each of you who notified us, and good luck in the remaining hours of voting!!!


All the Best,

Anita Campbell

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