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How we Celebrate the Unsung Heroes of the Small Business World

August 20, 2014

For those of us behind the scenes here at the Small Business Influencer Awards, it’s easy to overlook all the painstaking details that go into our efforts to maintain the integrity of the Awards. It’s these details and processes that back up our commitment to quality in these awards. We wanted to provide a sneak peek to you of what goes on behind the scenes.

Transparent Processes
We do our best to make everything we do for the Awards transparent to both nominees and those who submit names for the awards. These processes begin when you nominate a person or company for the Awards. Once you submit an entry, we (yes, actual humans) review each submission manually. Each has to meet our stringent (but reasonable) rules. We may edit an entry to provide an unbiased view of each nominee and remove any that don’t meet our criteria.

No Barrier to Entry
Many awards programs charge participants for entering. We don’t. We believe every influencer, from the most popular keynote speaker to the local business consultant, deserves an equal opportunity to win, and that’s why anyone can enter.

Input from the Community
As far as choosing winners, that’s up to you. We rely on our small business community to vote for the candidates they feel best represent small business. And then we have our carefully-selected panel of Judges who make their choices, in addition to the Community Choice winners.

As you can see, we’re passionate about small businesses, and we strive to maintain quality in our Awards each year.

-Susan Payton

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