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How to Vote

July 26, 2012 -- Voting takes one click. No registration is required.

All you do is click on the big yellow VOTE button on the nominee's page, to the left of the nominee's name. See below for a screenshot. See where the red arrow is pointing? That is the button you click.

Once you click, the vote count will go up by one. The yellow button will then change to "VOTED." The count will show one more vote.

See the following screenshot showing your vote is now logged.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about voting, and the answers:

Q: I used the "Contact" button and sent a message that I supported the nominee - does that count as a vote?

No. Sending a message to the site does NOT count as a vote.

Q: I tweeted the nomination page - does that count as a vote?

No, only clicking the big yellow VOTE button counts as a vote. But the nominee appreciated your tweet!

Q: I left a comment - does that count as a vote?

No. Comments help the Judges by providing more information. But only the official yellow VOTE buttons count as votes.

Q: I clicked the VOTE button but the vote count did not change - why not?

Refresh or reload the screen. You should see it now says "VOTED" and the vote count has gone up by one. If not, click the "VOTE" button again.

Q: What if the yellow button says "VOTED" already, but I know I haven't voted?

Chances are that someone else in your office or home has already voted. Please read our piece on IP addresses and how we count votes.

Thanks for showing your support and voting for your favorite nominees!


All the Best,

Anita Campbell

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