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"Redd’s Barbershop & ReachLocal" Named A Champion

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Nominated for a Small Business Influencer Award in:
Marketing Campaign

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Redd’s Barbershop is a local Austin business specializing in straight razor shaves, precision haircuts and exceptional service. Since its opening in 2013, the shop’s owner, NFL veteran and entrepreneur, Cory “Redd” Redding, had his sights set on expanding beyond Austin to across the U.S. Unfortunately the shop’s small but steady stream of customers was not generating the revenue needed to accomplish this, so Redd's teamed up with ReachLocal on a highly optimized online advertising campaign aimed at customers in the Austin area.

The campaign strategy involved a mix of location and service keywords, web targeting, and 24/7 real-time reporting. ReachLocal’s experts monitored and fine-tuned performance throughout the campaign, and its technology optimized ad spend automatically to drive better results for their budget. In just three months, Redd’s increased revenue by 50%, tripled the number of new monthly customers, and brought in more qualified, engaged customers ready to do business.


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