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In Feb 2015 Solomon and Associates dba Solar Media Team company lost 75% of its client base when a broker who was sending us all his business, decided to service the clients himself.

At that point I had to regroup, we had to lose some workers to maintain. I sought out large clients with large budgets, got rid of getting business through brokers and only brought on clients directly myself, and I was able to get them to agree to 12 month contracts with a performance clause. I decided it was best to have 3-4 major clients, who can take larger volume cause they are easier to please, easier to manage since less moving parts. By doing this I was able to organically grow the company, obtained 12 month contracts with 4 of the largest solar installers in the US and was able to become one of the largest providers of 100% contact solar leads in the US.

We now generate close to over 600 leads per day and growing each day, we have over 127 people on the phones and growing daily, and our revenue has increased well over 500%.




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