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Why Enter?

The Small Business Influencer Awards are a prestigious honor for those who support and contribute to the growth of small businesses and entrepreneurs in North America.

Here are 3 reasons you and/or your organization should participate in the Awards:

1. Do It For Your Team

In the press of business it's easy to forget all the things we do right, and all the company's accomplishments. This can lead to your team feeling under-appreciated, or simply losing that zest to "go for it." However, when your company is recognized for an award, the entire team can rally around it. An award is a tangible symbol of your business's successes. Whether your team consists of employees or includes an extended network of outside service providers and business partners, the Small Business Influencer Awards remind them that they are part of something exciting. They will feel energized and motivated. They will feel like "superheroes."

2. Raise Your Profile

The Small Business Influencer Awards are high energy and take place over several months -- during which there are multiple opportunities for publicity, online and off. Just being nominated for the Awards includes you and your business in a high-profile online happening with social media exposure. The 3-month period of the 2011 Awards saw more than 300,000 visits to the Awards website, with 125,000 votes, and more than 10,000 tweets and 2,000 Facebook shares. Champions get multiple publicity opportunities, including the potential for media interviews.

Being nominated includes access to special publicity materials.

3. Get Recognition from Peers, Industry, Clients, Investors and Partners

The Awards publicly recognize you and/or your organization for excellence and accomplishments. With a unique combination of community voting and judged achievements, the Awards provide multiple opportunities to impress key constituents such as clients and customers. And with a variety of honoree rewards available, we make it easy for you to publicly display evidence of your Award in your lobby, office or website afterwards.

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