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KikScore is an innovative trust scoring technology founded by Mike Mauseth, Raj Malik and Joel Springer.

The team behind KikScore has decades of experience in developing, marketing, managing and delivering e-commerce, technology and data products and solutions. Their extensive experience, contacts and resources within the e-commerce, technology and data industries are what enabled them to create a premier trust seal with KikScore.

KikScore's mission is to allow both online businesses and shoppers to empower themselves by having access to more data and information.

The company has offices in Washington, D.C. and Denver, Colorado.


Unlike other trust seal companies today, KikScore helps small businesses further develop a relationship with their customers - small business owners create an informational video on their KikReport to introduce themselves to website visitors. Additionally, the trust seal facilitates real time interactions for small businesses with their own customers, making it easier for the businesses to make more money.

KikScore's suite of services helps small businesses build trust with their website visitors. Displaying your Confidence Badge and Trust Score to show shoppers that you can be trusted, and shoppers can review your KikReport to get important information about your business.


Website @KikScore


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