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2013 Community Choice Honorees

September 10, 2013 -- Congratulations! The people have spoken ... and thanks to their support, below are the top five popular-vote getters in each category. They've earned the recognition of the community!!! They are now Community Choice winners.

Community Choice Honorees: for VIP registration to the Gala Awards event, please go to: Use the code CHAMP2013 for one complimentary ticket if you are an honoree. You can bring guests at a 50% discount using the code CHAMPGUEST50. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Remember, there are two parts to the Small Business Influencer Awards: the Community Choice (determined by the popular voting) and the judged portion (called the Top 100 Champions). The Top 100 Champions will be designated separately once the judges' votes are in, and will be based 40% on the popular vote and 60% on the judges' votes.


1Kevin Casey (2159)
2Geri Stengel (1530)
3Susan Ward (1484)
4Lauren Simonds (546)
5Monica Mehta (243)


1College Works Painting (5774)
2Fishbowl (5624)
3eMazzanti Technologies (4749)
4CorpNet (4200)
5MyCorporation (2053)


1Kedma Ough (4555)
2Gary Swart (3189)
3Sandi Smith Leyva (2377)
4Daniel Scott (2004)
5Jennifer Cox (1313)


1Karla Campos (5890)
2Carl Mazzanti (5422)
3Nellie Akalp (4663)
4Susan Baroncini-Moe (4352)
5Michelle Long (3902)

Honorees: feel free to grab a winner badge or a printable Award certificate, or use the complimentary press release template to tell the world that you have been honored through community support!

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