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Vote once per nominee. Just click to vote! Remember: voting ends September 15.

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Award benefits

Get recognition from your peers and the industry. Raise your profile online and off. Motivate employees. Get publicity, and impress clients and customers.


Save the Date: Small Business Influencer Gala

Join us on October 22, 2014 to honor our Small Business Influencer Champions.

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How it Works

Nominate Anyone can nominate a business book or resource. Those nominations will later be reviewed.
Share Engage with authors, book lovers and fans.
Vote You can show your support for your favorite picks! Judges weigh in also.
Winners Judges will determine overall winners. Community Choice designation determined by popular votes.

Latest News

  • Time to Nominate is Drawing to a CloseFriday is the last day you can nominate for the 2014 Small Business Influencer Awards! If you haven’t yet nominated all the leaders, experts, journalists, brands, and applications that you think deserve honor do it now! Nominations will be accepted until 3 pm Eastern on Friday. At that point, we’ll shut the doors on nominations. After that, voting … Read more »
  • How we Celebrate the Unsung Heroes of the Small Business WorldFor those of us behind the scenes here at the Small Business Influencer Awards, it’s easy to overlook all the painstaking details that go into our efforts to maintain the integrity of the Awards. It’s these details and processes that back up our commitment to quality in these awards. We wanted to provide a sneak peek to you of what goes on behind the scenes. Transparent … Read more »
  • 23 days away to the Nomination period closing!We’re 23 days away to the Nomination period closing! If you’re having trouble writing your nomination, this guide will help you. To nominate a person, app, corporation, or news outlet, please follow the following outline: Enter the name of the person, app, corporation or news, outlet. Choose a category; News Outlet Journalist Leader Corporate Expert App Growth … Read more »

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